We'll cut to the chase. Party = Balloons ! You've got it, they're impossible to shove to the side ! Colored, printed or even filled with helium... however you like ! You have the choice and there are plenty of original ideas on the blog to pimp your decor !



How do you create balloon decor which is different from what you see normallly ?

Balloons are very easy, we love them. (More than your children in fact, but that stays between us). But the problem is that you have the impression that it's kind of always the same decor. Tying them to a post box the day of the party is very nice, but it lacks a bit of pizzaz. We agree. That's where we come in ! Arch, wall.... That will amaze and shake things up a bit ! Follow our tutorials ! You don't have to be ace at manual labour to succeed in ballon decor ! It's decided, today you will nail being the perfect Mum, who always makes astounding creations !

I'm organising a birthday party for my child, how do I choose my balloons ?

There is so much choice, you're almost dizzy ! Take a deep breath and pull up a chair, everything will be fine. List option that suit the theme. Printed, colored, sparkly or foil, look at bice colors and of course, ask your child's opinion ! An assortment of balloons of that their favourite colors will be perfect. And don't forget a balloon pump ! Everything will be done in minutes !
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