Floral decorations

There are so many magnificent false flowers. They give an illusion that we want to savour and keep forever ! They can be mixed with real flowers and dried flowers, put in to vases, in cups or milk bottles, on the table or even on the walls ! Check out our ideas and photos on our blog !



Are there several types of floral decorations ?

There are several ways to make unnique floral decor. One of our favourites is to stick flowers to the wall. For that, you need flowers, false, real or dried, masking tape, a step-ladder or a ladder. It's very quick. With this type of decoration, no other party decor is necessary. You could hang up colored honeycomb balls or to make helium balloons fly. A guaranteed wow effect and an essential photobooth opportunity ! Another method would be to hang the flowers by the stems from the ceiling, like lanterns. To hang them, you need a ladder, clear scotch tape and colored wool. It will be absolutely stunning.

Is it necessary to use vases for successful floral decorations for a wedding ?

For effective floral decorations, you just need flowers ! Yes, just flowers, because vases aren't essential, although they can brighten up a table ! But, to make a floral decoration without a vase, you just need a table and some flowers. You could just sprinkle the flowers anywhere on the table or on each plate or even parallel to each cover... The possibilities are endless.

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