To showcase your flowers, for a floral decor, you won't find anything better than these vases. But today, vases are so pretty even on their own, without the flowers ! These vases are paper, they're disposable, they're wooden, they're made of strong metal, they're porcelain and they're made of glass.... There are all sorts of vases and they transform the table, they could even be a centerpiece.



Can you make a floral decor just with the vases, without the flowers ?

This is what's great about temporary decor, you can do what you like ! By putting several vases on the table, you create a table centerpiece. if you have a long table, it could show the common theme. Vases are so pretty that they're decor objects at the same time.

How do you associate your table decor with the vases ?

With the theme you have chosen, you could choose disposable crockery, your vases, your tablecloth but also your balloons, garlands... For a Memphis-themed party, it's impossible not to mix your table decor with geometric themes with Octaveo paper vases. And, as a little extra, a bit of masking tape to create a totally Memphis-themed wall. And we're back in the 90s. Are there vases specifically for weddings ? All the vases can be used for a wedding. You should choose your vase according to your theme. There are enough vases for all themes. Folk wedding, gold wedding, guinguette wedding... Each one has a vase !

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