Place tags

For making the table plan, we give your our selection of pretty unique place cards !



Are place cards a wedding essential ?

Place cards are the simple solution to not forget people at your wedding meal ! We can admit it can be a real headache (you only have to watch the film Table 19) but that can often avoid any worries ! Choose whites, kraft, colorful ones or ones with a touch of glitter to give a little pop to your table. Its a good wedding table accessory which can also be turned in to gift tags or to write lovely notes. Discover our selection of place cards !

How do you personalise place cards ?

There's nothing simpler ! You need masking tape, stickers, confetti and felt. Use your best pen to write a sweet little note, the first name of the person or a little picture. Your guests will be delighted at this little detail ! Plus, they're so nice on the party table ! For a wedding, Christmas, a family reunion, a summer party, go for place cards !
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