Gold dinner

Gold, is a bit like diamonds, you never tire of it ! Go for gold crockery for parties at the end of the year, or a dinner, party the night away with our selection of table decoration and our 100% gold disposable crockery !



Can you do a gold dinner at any point in the year ?

It's a tricky question and we'd like to say YES ! Because there's never really too much gold in life, like there can never be too many diamonds, shininess, bling, light and Dolce and Gabbana. So, because there's never too much, we have to do more gold dinners ! To have a gold dinner, you need gold confetti which covers the table, the ground, glasses with gold bases, gold plates like illuminations, worked cutlery like stainless steel, foil curtains around and on the table instead of a tablecloth... The patterns and themes need to be at the height of color ! It needs to shine !

How do you dress for a gold dinner ?

Dress like a light of course ! The best way is to wear gold leggings, gold sparkles on your eyes, gold nails... that's if you want to match with the coor of your dinner ! Donatella Versace can come and dress you, at least for tonight !

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