100 years old ? If you've made it this far, you really are a force of nature and you deserve the most beautiful party that exists ! Balloons, confetti, pinata, don't turn away anything when you're 100 ! Wisdom and experience, yes, but you still have a party spirit to celebrate and have a party !



What do I do to celebrate my 100th ?

A mega bash ! To turn 100 is incredible and rare unfortunately. So have a great big birthday bash to celebrate it ! And for your 100th, you want everything to make it the biggest ! With the cake decor, go all out ! Balloons, garlands, confetti, foil curtains, champagne flutes, number balloons, and why not a pinata too to prove you're in good shape ! You can also choose a theme because at 100 years old, you've seen all kinds of parties, this is about finding THE theme ! Discover our selection of party themes and have a super time !

How do I attach my foil number balloons ?

Foil number balloons are THE decor trend ! They've become essential for party decor, choose a big model, gold, pink or black for a wow effect and superb photos. If you can inflate them with helium, it's the best ! Make them float to the ceiling or hold them in mid air with balloon weights. A little bit of gift ribbon and you've got it in the bag ! A really great decoration ! Discover all our models of number balloons and letter balloons !

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