80 years old ? And you're still partying on ! Share the moment with your family, your friends, your neighbours, your gardener... choose balloons, garlands, a cake, candles, and bam, a beautiful party as if you were turning 20 !



What type of party should you organise for an 80th ?

Of course at 80, they always have a crazy urge to party ! To celebrate their 80th, organise a family lunch surrounded by their nearest and dearest, the occasion to meet up and have a party together ! Go for a party theme like a pattern, colors or a vibe. Then, make sure the decor suits with balloons, garlands, honeycomb balls, tableware and table decor ! At 80, they want a rather simple theme, remind them of their childhood with a gingham print, a musette ball vibe or Antique. Choose a playlist of music that's thoughtful, round up their loved ones, tell old anecdotes and drink champagne !

How do you decorate the table for a family dinner ?

The Saturday or Sunday family lunch is often a traditon for lots of families ! Everyone gathers round the table for a meal which lasts at least 2 hours and afterwards, you put on about a kilo from eating well and eating a lot ! For the decor, do a mix of colors and patterns, like flowers, white and gold or polkadots. Put down place markers to avoid the little ones being mixed with the big ones, and avoid Aunt Monica being next to your brother who always makes her drink ! In brief, there is an art to organising family lunches !

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