You've heard about it, so many times... Abd it's finally here. The 40th hurdle and the famous question "so, what's it like !?". For your 40th, have a party with loved ones, have fun, laugh and keep in mind that it's just a number ! What counts is your positivity, your optimism, your level of craziness and your party animal spirit for 40 years old !



40 years old, fancy dress party or dinner with friends ?

40 years old, in general we don't like reaching it, so to help you, round up your friends for a super party (and drink, to forget) ! And definitely, choose a theme ! For that, go with what you want : if you want to share this major moment in life, invite all your friends to a fancy dress party, a giant barbecue, a white party, a summer party... And if you prefer a cosier party, invite your nearest and dearest round for drinks, a dinner, a fondue party or even a picnic ! Find all our ideas of themes to celebrate your 40th !

How do you organise a surprise 40th party ?

The surprise birthday party is an art ! You have to think in advance but not too far because the further away it is, the higher the risk of mistakes... So go step by step, and strategically ! Start with addressing the list of things to do : prepare a list of guests (very discreetly, if you prefer, call them), choose a theme and shop for the decor essentials, prepare the drinks and food (yes lots of champagne), the strategy for when to shout "surpriiiiiiiiiise", the lie to tell the lucky person all day beforehand... Yes you must be strategic, inventive and crafty ! We wish you luck, for the decor we can help you !

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