30 years old, no less ! We're not going to lie, at 30, it's all well and good reassuring yourself, but it's still a hurdle to cross. To you, 40 doesn't seem so far away but you're still young ! So organise a super party with your loved ones and we give you the whole package where the decor's concerned ! With My Little Day, you'll want to remember your 30th !



What theme should I do for my 30th ?

Ahhh thirty ! We've waited for it to arrive, we've been afraid of it, we've refused to believe it, but here it is: you're 30 years old ! And for your 30th, you want the whole world to know about it (or nearly). Because there's no shame in being 30, you might want to cry about it but instead have a big fiesta with your friends, to forget that you've reached a big milestone... For that, there's nothing better than a themed party ! Circus party, disco party, Vegas party or even a pool party in summer where the champagne flows and the mojitos from the bar just keep on coming ! But careful, because at 30, you tend to not recover as fast the morning after ;)

How do I organise a surprise 30th birthday party for my best friend ?

A surprise 30th birthday party, a classic ! But how do you want to go about organising your super childhood friend's birthday party ? Don't worry, we'll give you our best tips ! To start, you need to address the 'to-do' list: the guests, the Facebook event, the theme, the dress code, the decor to shop for, what to eat, champagne, champagne and more champagne ! So you have to think strategically : pay attention to potential slip ups, avoid things that will make your party too 'has been' and 'old-fashioned', think what you need to do on D-Day... It's really an art ! For the decor, we're giving youa boost with our special 30th birthday selection and all our ideas of party themes for adults ! You'll definitely find what you're looking for !

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