20 years old, a great age ! For your 20th, you want to share the moment your friends. Why not go for a musical, cinema, a time period or a cheese and wine party ? It's an age where you become more of an adult and even more festive !



What kind of party for your 20th ?

Celebrating your 20th really is passing a real point in to adulthood. Because at 18, you're still a teen, but at 20, your adult life truly starts (that depends of course) ! So for your 20th, organise a stylish party at yours or in a bar with all your friends, ask a mate to DJ so you can set the dancefloor on fire, prepare some general or specifically themed decor. There's nothing better than a fancy dress party to have an incredible time : cinema, series, music, an era, discover our themes for a adult parties ! You can also play with a more simple idea with minimalist decor with our essentials : letter and numbe rballoons, some garlands, confetti, glasses and paper cups, photobooth accessories... To go with whatever vibe you want !

How do you create a photobooth for your 20th ?

The photobooth is THE trend for birthday parties at the moment ! It's a great piece of decor, to have fun with your mates and end up with some super crazy photo souvenirs ! To create them, choose a wall to dress in a curtain garland, letter balloons, number balloons or normal balloons for the background. For decor in front, add inflatables, a lightbox, signs, an inflatable Instagram frame and other photobooth accessories for your mates. The more photos you take, the more you laugh ! Feel free to do some boomerangs to make even more memories for your 20th !

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