18 years old, a symbolic age ! Getting your driving license, the right to vote, finishing school, lots of changes... and its the occasion to have a big party ! So get your friends together and celebrate your entry in to adulthood as you should ! Balloons, garlands, confetti, we give you the whole package for this special day !



How do you celebrate your 18th in an original way ?

Wow ! 18 years old, no longer a minor ! It's definitely a birthday you absolutely have to celebrate ! You remember it for the rest of your life, or at least try to ! At 18, you want a party with class, where everyone would think it's your 31st, where everyone gets out pulls out their phones and does an Insta story when the cake comes out... Some prefer a pool party in summer, a tropical mojito party, an American party with mega beer pong and flip cup or a fancy dress party ! A series/films party, the first letter of your name, wild, masked, hippies... Or just a party with mates, simple but with some superb decor of course ! Letter and number foil balloons, tassel garlands, red cups, loads of confetti, inflatables for your pool party, candles.... Find what you're looking for at My Little Day !

What do you do during an 18th party ?

At 18 years old, you're young, super in shape so you set the dancefloor on fire, sing Despacito, laugh, take photos, make cocktails, play drinking games, do karaoke, a blind test, a giant photobooth with letter balloons... Make a little list of essential things so you don't forget like the decor, the playlist, the drinks, to have a super party ! And discover more ideas on our blog !

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