Black & White Baby Shower

A baby shower is, above all, a moment to spend with your loved ones, before the chaos of the arrival of the baby. So the most important thing is that the decor pleases the future Mum. If pastel isn't her thing, she's more Victoria Beckham than Kate Middleton, why not do a black and white decor ? It's ultra chic and easy to do.



Is black and white for a baby shower too sad ?

Not at all, it's more designer ! If the future Mum likes sketched and Scandinavian styles, she would maybe be happier with a balc and whit ebaby shower than a pink baby shower soaked in satin. Then you just have to find plenty of little accessories that aren't too sad, like white tableware with black butterfly bows, or even a black glittery star garland. Black cofnetti balloons and white cloud balloons would bring a touch of fun while black garphic wooden cutlery and little black slates to personalise bring a chic and natural touch. You could even personalise the balloons to write any messages you want. And there's nothing stopping you from from adding little pandas here and there for a cute little touch.

How do you invite your nearest and dearest to your baby shower ?

It's time to receive the cards. So go for some paper invitations ! You choose to opt for ready made cards like the Mathilde Cabanas mini cards, or make them yourself. A card, a balloon that fits with the theme and a bit of masking tape, there you go, a funny little card to invite your friends and leave them a little souvenir. You can find this tutorial on our blog.

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