Yellow Baby Shower

Yellow is a super colour for baby showers ! If you don't want to reveal the sex of the baby, for example, it's an excellent neutral colour. Plus, it super cheerful ! Our favorite product ? Plates in the shape of a little sun... too adorable (to go with napkins in the shape of clouds of course) !



Is a yellow baby shower only for summer ?

If you often associate yellow with the hot season, a yellow baby shower also has a place in spring or autumn ! In spring you can highlight it with fresh flowers in a glass vase and in autumn, play with colors of leaves to make up a bouquet of dried leaves or sprinkle the table with pre-cut paper leaves. And obviously, in summer, play with the background, you could go for sunny tableware and a sun pinata filled with surprises for the future Mum.

How do you avoid a canary yellow effect ?

To avoid canary yellow, go for a pale yellow or associate it with another color (white or gold for example). That will avoid a total canary look and will bring a touch of softness and sparkle to your decor. You could for example inflate a bunch of white, yellow and transparent balloons, and thread a white or gold foil star balloon in to the middle. On a buffet with white tableware with yellow triangle patterns, you could sprinkle on some gold or powdered confetti.

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