Multicolour Baby Shower

Because your baby will show you how to see life in every colour, a multicoloured baby shower seems to be entirely adequate to us ! Not too serious, for such a happy event, there's nothing better than a colourful rainbow to celebrate the arrival of your baby. So get out the confetti and make a shower of a ton of colours, a guaranteed party atmosphere !



How do you mix colors for a multicolored baby shower ?

The best way is to mix rainbow colors ! So go for rainbow tableware, put out plenty of colorful sweets, decorate your cake multicolored icing and cover the ceiling in balloons. You could even arrange the balloons in the shape of a rainbow and with a colorful pinata, you could fill it with colorful confetti and sweets.

Candy bar or Sweet table ?

Although the two are close in relation to each other, for a mutlicolored party, go for the candy bar. With all the crazy sweet colors that exist, it will be easy to create a crazy candy bar for your guests. A cake stand with cupcakes with incredible colors, multicolored baskets to present your little biscuits, a sweet box to hold your marshmallows, a vintage chewing gum dispenser, sour mixes and cupcake cases in all colors.

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