Floral dinner

A floral dinner with friends, for those who have hayfever in spring, it's a good alternative ! Anyway, jokes aside, flowers are a great touch, they're pretty, delicate and make you smile !



For what occasion can you do a floral dinner or lunch ?

There's no limit on the occasions. A baptism, a picnic, a birthday party, a baby shower, a Frida Kahlo party, a springtime lunch... A floral dinner doesn't need a particular occasion but in line with the color and the flower shape, it can be perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter ! Green and pink flowers symbolise springtime, red and pink are perfect for summer, a gold flower for Christmas, taupe flowers for autumn, big colorful flowers for the tropics !

How do you make floral dinner decor ?

Just place real or fake flowers on the table, place them in vases that are close to the color of the flowers, a table runner of vases will have a lovely effect, stick flowers to the walls to create a poetic installation. There are loads of photos and ideas on the blog.

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