Tartan Table

An open fire, fur rugs candlesticks, candles, tartan cloth, a tartan table runner, tarten table sets, cashmere, velvet...it's crazy how far your imagniation can go ! It's Winter, Ski Season, the smell of raclette is in the air, with an essence of turkey and mulled wine. Since we're going all the way...there are plates of all sizes amongst one another, champagne glasses, silverware, deer antlers, pine cones, fir branches... can you see yourself there ? Not yet ! Don't worry. Imagine : tartan on the walls, a giant bow around your waist, a huge skirt pinned with a safety pin, mocassins with tassels, are you there now ?!



How to decorate a tartan table ?

A log fire, furry blankets, candlesticks and candles, a tartan tablecloth, a tartan table runner, cashimere, velvet. It's crazy, the power of imagination. Suddenly, it's winter. You're skiing, you can smell the melted cheese and wine, the turkey and poached pears. There are plates of all sizes, glasses, silver, deer antlers, pine cones, tree branches. Can you see it ? Not yet ? That's fine ! Imagine : a wall with tartan decorations, a giant bow, a kilt with a large pin, tassel loafers, now can you see it ?! It'll be like you're chilling in Ralph Lauren's winter chalet. You can smell the gingerbread house and hear the wind blowing already !

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