Ah the arrival of beautiful days and BBQs ! Winter is finally over, the season of cheese and wine too (WHAT are you sure !?), and in its place, BBQs outside ! For the menu, leave the top chef to do it, you sort out the decor ! Decorate the table with paper napkins, kraft crockery, hot-dog holders and floral paper cups for the rosé ! Discover our essentials !



What does a barbecue lunch or dinner look like ?

The barbecue dinner table is cool because a barbecue is cool ! So choose paper tableware in line with what you want : gingham because you've just watched The Wizard of Oz, blue stars because you want a burger like you're in an American diner, flowers because its summer, stripey because it reminds you of bumble bees or zebras, monstera leaves because you want a tropical vibe... Of course, for a barbecue, you need bowls for the sauces, toppers for the accompaniments, ketchup, mustard, bread baskets...

Can you transform your barbecue dinner in to a French guinguette party ?

Yes, it's even advised ! To transform it all in to a guinguette, you need mutlicolored or white fairy lights, lights to attach to trees and music to get everyone dancing !

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