Burger party

Cheese and wine parties are alright... (no that's not true, we love them), but the new cool thing is a burger party ! Easy to do, everything's friendly, and without the smell of cheese stuck to your sofa ! Go all out with our 100% junk food decor ! Our essential ? Paper boxes for french fries, of course !



Can you have a burger party ?

Yes ! It's even highly recommended along with a pizza party or fondue party ! If you're having a burger party, you need to prepare the burger boxes, the fries boxes, pots for ketchup, pots for mustard, baskets to hold the napkins and the cutlery. Everything like a US diner. Just having a few details to get out and then put away again quickly is great !

What's the difference between a burger dinner and a burger party ?

Not a lot, an LED sign shows the place of the dinner, a notebook to take down the menu, a pair of cowboy boots on your feet, balloons in the shape of a burger or hot dog that float around in your living room. There's some details already, it's the same thing !

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