Tropical chic wedding

A jungle of impenetrable foliage, arty patterned decor of gold and tropical birds... There you go, that's what you need to create a tropical chic atmosphere for an original and poetic wedding. A guaranteed wow effect on your guests !



Tropical chic is what exactly ?

We hear this expression more and more in blogs and magazines, but what does "tropical chic" mean exactly ? Tropical chic is a super theme to create a hot, elegant and kind of wild vibe. It can be inspired by Douanier Rousseau's paintings, tropical patterns in art decor or even splendid colonial houses from the 19th Century. Imagine decor made of tropical leaves, gold details, and several tropical animals to add a touch of poetry and color.

What are some good ideas for a tropical chic wedding ?

Leaves, leaves and more leaves (tropical) ! Real, fake or even in paper, don't be stingy on the foliage decor. The more you put out, the more the effect comes acorss to your guests. Patterns inspired by gold art decor, on cloths or wall faces will agree perfectly to add a wild chic touch. Add gold too, like little china gold birdcages, snake necklaces or even dishes in the shape of banana leaves. Finally, some feathers and fake birds will finish off creating your enchanting jungle vibe.

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