Guinguette wedding

You dream about a guinguette wedding, surrounded by colourful and joyful decor : plants and hay, flowers and gingham, guinguette garlands, lace... ? Don't look any further, you've come to the right place ! My Little Day has selected the best elegant decor so you can have a ball. All that's left is to say I DO !



Want a colorful wedding ?

Go for a guinguette theme. For a joyful wedding with a relaxed vibe, we're not going to lie to you, the decor plays a big part. It's more difficult to let yourself go at a wedding with a super stiff atmosphere, with obligatory top hats and strict protocol. The guinguette theme inspires a carefree, retro vibe, vibrant and mixed colors give the occasion a fun spirit. How could you not want to laugh and dance amongst the hay and gingham napkins, shiny garlands and guests with braces and corolla dresses ?

How do you create guinguette decor easily ?

With some well thought out decor accessories, it's easy tocreate a guinguette vibe for your reception room. Of course, it's a theme that particularly suits weddings outside in the countryside, but you could create the same atmosphere inside. The most important is to have colorful fairy lights to hang up everywhere. It's THE guinguette product. Flowers are also very important, pretty flowers from the country in fact (hello poppies, daisies and sunflowers). If you don't want to provide hay bales, raffia, linen and lace have the same spirit. Also, think about china pieces, from your Great Aunt's house, or pretty vintage sweet boxes. Have you heard of an accordeon ?

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