Candy Bar

To create a colourful Candy Bar, sweets and treats are a must ! But you also need pretty ideas for magical decor : pots, vases and jars mixed with garlands, confetti and balloons to create a sweet and festive vibe !



Everyone talks about Candy Bars, but what are they ?

We read and hear about candy bars all the time at the moment, whether they're for weddings, baby showers or even themed parties. A candy bar is as the name indicates, a sort of buffet of sweets and treats. A paradise of sweet kisses. And yes, like the big kids we are, the nostalgia of birthday parties and our greediness is enough of a reason for us. In general on a sweetie bar, you find fountains filled with delicious juice, pots, vases, bowls or other containers to hold sweets. Then, add several decor elements which echo the theme.

How do you decorate a Candy bar for a wedding ?

For the choice of sweets, it's best to choose pretty ones, ones that are a bit vintage. Their good taste will be decided by our tatse buds ! For their containers, it's best to go for simplicity. Pretty containers, glass dishes and small bowls (or in plastic which looks like glass) which allow you to fill them with beautiful sweet treats, as well as being beautiful little additions to the decor. For example, for a rustic wedding, a lace and linen cloth, with little gingham details, some ears of wheat and a big kraft presenter will do to create the theme. With extra features like an attendant for the stand, red and white straws and some vintage objects, it'll be a great success with your guests !

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