You can create a photobooth for all occasions ! Whether it's for a wedding, a birthday party or simply for a costume party, everyone loves taking a photo in the middle of a crazy party ! Discover our selection of decor and fancy dress accessories for successful photos every time !



You need original ideas for pretty photos for wedding guests ?

For fun and original photos for our guests, we would give them a photobooth space ! What's that, you ask ? It's simple, a little space clearly visible to guests, with a decor that echoes the theme of your wedding, and with plenty of accessories to use : hats, glasses, wigs, anything goes ! For a real classic, you could use a real authentic photobooth, which always has a great effect, but are often very expensive to hire out. For a rustic wedding, recreate a fake room with bits of furniture. For a folk or bohemian wedding, pretty ribbons in satin, lace or tissue paper, some pompoms and flowers. You like chic gold and something a bit quirky ? We'd go for a gold curtain background ! For a jungle wedding, we'd do a wall of paper leaves, and leave out some safari animal masks... to find more ideas, take a look at our blog !

How do you make a Photobooth space yourself ?

To create a photo space yourself, there are essential accessories, and advice to follow. Of course, you need to designate a space where the magic can unfold. Then, the most simple thing is to think step by step. First, the background : for that, there are infinite options, and whatever your theme may be : curtains, balloon walls for the most motivated (but the result really is worth the effort), tassel garlands, bands of tissue paper, pompoms, flowers and for a bohemian vibe, hanging material... everything is to cover a sad-looking wall ! Then, accessorise with some furniture and especially, some costume accessories ! Then you're done ! Go look at our blog for plenty of Photobooth ideas.

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