The wedding decor... Between the magazines, the blogs, friends and your mum, you're often more submerged by info rather than it actually being helpful ! One thing is certain that whatever wedding vibes you are going for, we have the decorations and advice for you ! So go, we're breathing heavily, and it's time for the most beautiful day of your life !



How do I find a wedding theme ?

To find your theme in the immensity of ideas on the internet, it's not always easy ! What is a wedding theme? You could find thousands of things. A total look wedding (medieval, rock 'n' roll...), a wedding with a simple line (rustic, vintage spirit...). It can be a copper color-themed, or a big insipiration (trip invitation). Two things to keep in mind : find a theme that relates to the both of you, and that would go with the venue you haven chosen. For exaple, if you're having a wedding on the beach, a rustic theme won't really be very adaptable, it's logic ! Then, not focusing too much on what is happening, well-chosen decor elements can often be enough !

How do you bring out a wedding theme in your decoration?

Once your wedding theme is chosen, the hardest bit is done. To create an atmosphere in your wedding decor, there are a few quite simple things that have to be put in place. For the most part, the room decor, the table or even the outside, choose rather neutral colors (white, beige) that will accentuate the other touches. For example, for a yellow wedding, choose the essentials of your decoration ina degraded white or wood, an mix them with more impressive details : yellow flowers (we love sunflowers !), some yellow rosettes and lanterns to hang from the ceiling, yellow table markers and napkins, and especially accessories for the married couple (cravates, flowers for hair, socks, shoes...). That will allow you to not do too much, and your wedding decor will cost less !

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