Looking for an original theme ? Go for a Russia party theme ! Bolshoi, Russian dolls, vodka, caviar... Whether its a birthday party, a family party or a dinner, a Russian style party has the perfect friendly and warm vibe. Red, blue, green and touches of gold for charming decor ! Discover our selection of decor inspired by Russia and organise an original party !



Why choose a Russia theme ?

Choose the Russia theme for your party to be more original. Because why not transform your interior in to a Russian palace, with gold and flowers everywhere. It's also a perfect theme if you're a fan of ballerinas, Russian dolls, caviar, fur, vodka, football... Russia is original ! For a Christmas party, a dinner with friends, a football party and even a fancy dress party (who's going to admit they're coming as Putin?!) !

Which decorations should I choose for a Russian party ?

Russian decor consists of welcoming colors like red, green and blue, a bit of bling with some gold, and floral patterns for a folklore vibe. You can aslo add faux-fur to your chairs or couch. Without forgetting some Russian dolls, the symbol of Russia, to use as a table centerpiece.
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