If like the Japanese, you're in love with nature and Totoro, all occasions are perfect to have a Japan themed party. Impossible without a Kami Fusen ceiling, flower petals from cherry blossoms as confetti, kimonos for you all and for some, powdered white faces !



How do I create a Japanese vibe for my party ?

There's no need to invite a sumo or a Geisha to have a successful Japanese party. Some decor elements will suffice to transport yout friends to Mount Fuji. A ceiling of mixed colorful lanterns with pink and aqua honeycomb diamonds, some little bamboo fish and expensive looking Japanese minimalism with an assortment of white Wasara plates and bowls and wooden and bamboo cutlery and baskets. Add some branches of cherry blossom or some flowers like these paper pink camellia flowers and at the end of the party, don't forget to prepare some white lanterns to launch in to the sky.

What do you give out to your guests at a Japanese party ?

The politeness of the Japanese is no secret to anyone and what's best about giving out a souvenir is that the sweet moment is spent together. Go for a little lucky cat or a beautiful Sakura fan. For a more decor trend, we advise Kami Fusens, Koinobori fish or an origami kit for your more arty friends. Don't forget to wrap your pretty gifts in beautiful cat or pink flower wrapping paper.

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