When we think of England, we think of royal weddings, the Queen, jelly, the Beatles, fish & chips, cricket... So many things to have a super England themed party ! So for the decor, you can play with a royal wedding vibe, a Buckingham Palace garden party vibe or have a tea party ! An ideal theme for a birthday party, a picnic or a football match ! And don't forget the blue in the decor, her Royal Highness' favorite color. God save the Queen !



What are the decor essentials for an English party ?

God Save the Queen, tea and biscuits, Pop culture... we have all you need for a party that's So British ! On the decor side, bring a touch of blue and red, the colors of the Union Jack, with balloons, honeycomb balls and garlands without forgetting a table centerpiece in the form of a telephone box. For the table, make it worthy of Buckingham Palace by putting out floral plates, napkins and tea cups for lots of Earl Grey. Don't forget a little touch of tartan to pay homage to Prince Charles' kilt !

How do you create a great pop rock outfit, inspired by Elton John's wardrobe ?

It has to be said, the English have a good sense of style. Pink metallic leggings or chic and elegant tracksuits that give you pop vibes. You could also jump in to the shoes of pop idols such as David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust or Geri, the coolest Spice Girl with our costumes for a total look. Heart glasses or Pineapple glasses, a baroc wig, Elton wears whatever he wants ! What about you ?

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