Are you a fan of Flamenco, tango, sangria, Antonio Banderas, Enrique Iglesias ? A Spanish party is coming ! But quickly. Inflate red and yellow balloons, make a ceiling of garlands, get a polkadot red dress, stick flowers on your head, fill the carafes and make a paella ! You're ready  to party !



Do you have to use red and yellow for a Spanish party ?

For an Olé vibe, you do need red and yellow, but not just those. Mix red with white polkadots for a flamenco style like this cloth, these cupcakes cases and these balloons. Don't forget to add black with these lace fans too. Add white again with bouquets of peonies and big lanterns to hang up, and for a Mediterranean touch, a bit of blue with the Helio paper vase.

How do you create a Sangria bar ?

Wine and fruit, fruit and wine... whoever doesn't like Sangria can buy me a drink ! It's not a successful Spanish party without this incredible beverage which brings the Andalusians and the Catalans together. Start by decorating your bar with a fan or fringe garland, honeycomb balls and diamonds in red and yellow shades. On the bar, put out a pretty yellow paper Dendra vase with a bouquet of peonies. With the drink comes the glasses and to enjoy your delicious Sangria, go for our wine glasses which will be ideal. Don't forget to put out little forks to pick at fruits along with red spotty napkins.

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