Everything is better in the tropics ! It's hotter and more beautiful. So imagine a party in the tropics, its paradise ! There's a balloon wall, paper vegetation, foil animals, you're in a bikini ! Club Tropicana, drinks are freeeee... You know the rest !



When is best to organise a tropical party ?

For a party when there's fun and sunshine and enough for everyone (as Wham! would say), the temperature outside does'nt have to be hot and humid. Do the opposite and organise a party when the weather is grey, sad and when you don't have 15 days leave to go to the beach in the sweet Caribbean sunshine. There's nothing better than palm trees, coconuts and shells to reboost moral. On the other hand, if you have a beautiful exterior with a pool, you can't not have a party, your swimming costume will be much easier to wear.

What are the essentials for a successful tropical party ?

There's nothing simpler than creating a tropical vibe. Imagine yourself in the sun, under a palm tree sipping a Pina Colada watching exotic colored birds. And there you go, all the elements are there. Always start with the decor with foil balloons everywhere, toucans, parrots, palm trees, fish, pineapples that you can mix with superb giant balloons in evocative colors, such as blue lagoon, Caribbean, coral, emerald green. On the table, have a gold pineapple printed table runner, coconut cups, palm leaf plates. Don't forget to dress up by giving your guests a load of crazy glasses and Hawaiian straw hats for a successful photobooth.

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