Have a party to celebrate Egypt, it's simple, you need gold, white, blue, a pharaoh, hyroglyphics, tanned skin, make-up and Cleopatra's jewellery... If you have a pyramid and sand, that's best, but if not, balloons and metallic curtains will do the job !



What are the decor essentials for an Egyptian party ?

Big sand dunes and the pyramids aren't the simplest things to recreate at home, here are some clearer little tricks to create a great Pharaoh era vibe. Attach some gold chandelier suspensions, add giant turquoise balloons and gold stars, some white and blue honeycomb lanterns and diamonds and there, the base of the party. Decorate the table all shiny with white bordered plates and match them with gold palm tree printed napkins and cups, you could add a candle holder, balls and little spoons with the same palm tree print. Pretty snake table markers and some paper vases to finish off this elegant table fit for Cleopatra's palace...

Which costume accessories should I choose for an Egyptian party ?

Like the decor, it's not an Egyptian party without gold. You need to accessorise a white dress and tunic. To be mysterious, there's nothing better than a Cleopatra mask or the eye of Horus. Add a black and sparkly gold wig, a goddess' belt, an eagle tattoo on your arm and a big cuff around the wrist and you could face up to Caesar. For him, an Emperor style laurel wreath crown or a Pharaoh hairstyle and there you go, ready to conquer the world.

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