A little trip to the USA you say ? The country where everything is always bigger. So for your decor, we see very big things : balloon walls, garlands, lanterns, junk food crockery, starry napkins, pinatas, donut candles... Vibes of an American BBQ, Independence Day, Prom or the Superbowl, relating to the country. Without forgetting the essential piece of decor : red cups ! Ideal for organising a game of flip cup or beer pong, a Made in the USA atmosphere guaranteed !



How do you create a Born in the USA vibe ?

The country of freedom and Uncle Sam offers lots of decor ideas. A country vibe with our buffalo, electric guitar, hot dog or even Hamburger foil balloons and a USA star pinata. For the table, go for fries boxes and popcorn boxes without forgetting the famous Big Red Cup thate every Yankee would respect. If you prefer the East Coast, go for then legendary Smiley in balloons and for a photobooth, Happy Faces prints, masses of donuts without forgetting the signs to New York.

What are the unavoidable costumes for an American party ?

An American party is the occasion to jump in to the shoes of lots of characters. For girls, a little cheeky or totally neurotic, we'd bet on a Roaring '20s look with a little black dress and a Charleston headband that's so '20s. Make yourself platinum blonde with the legendary Marilyn dress in The Seven Year Itch or in the style of Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Guys can go for an Elvis costume from the Las Vegas - Meds - Sandwich era or sexier Tom Cruise in his pilot flight suit which will excite all the Top GUn generation. Don't forget the musical world, in particular Grease with Sandy's Cheerleader outfit or Danny's pompadour style wig.

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