A futuristic party is a party where you can journey into the unknown. A futuristic party in space where silver is the dominant colour. Balloons, garlands, plates, rosettes, confetti and of course go mad with glitter ! Put up a silver foil curtain up for the decor, futuristic accessories and make an original Photobooth with your friends ! You could also go for a fluorescent and flashy vibe in the dark with glow-in-the-dark and LED decor. On the costule side, you have the option of foil to create an original costume (effective but a bit cheap), or even an astronaut costume, a futuristic princess, aliens or even a robot. An ideal theme for a fancy dress birthday party !



How do you create futuristic decor ?

For futuristic decor, go for white, silver and blue lights ! There's nothing better than attaching silver foil curtains to the wall to create a galaxy interstellar vibe, adding some starry decor too. Star shaped foil balloons, moon foil balloons, space tableware, glitter tassel garlands, fluorescent decor... Find what you're looking for from our futuristic decor selection ! You need to plunge your guests in to the dark and play with lights with blue and fluorescent lights ! No limits for the future !

How do you dress up ?

The futuristic party offers loads of costume possibilities, and that makes us happy ! You can get inspired from futuristic films like Interstellar with our astronaut costume, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Star Wars or even the Matrix ! Avatar is the easiest, paint yourself blue, put on elf ears, blue clothes and some accessories and you're sorted ! Feel free to look at the tutorials and photos to inspire yourself. Shout out to those who have the courage and determination to create their own costumes with card, paint, material, string... You'll be a sensation !

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