90s party

Ahhh the 90s ! Our teenage years (yes !). It was also Beverly Hills 90210, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Pulp Fiction, Clueless, the Spice Girls, the walkman, the gameboy, scratch cards... what a great time ! So have a 90s party, it's a bit like celebrating times gone by, it's great ! And the idea of dressing up in jogging bottoms, an extra large t-shirt, a sound system on your shoulder, a walkman in your pocket, a bumbag round your waist, all in rollerskates makes you happy. And for the decor, I want Memphis, fluorescent, carebears, rubik's cubes, Pac-mans on plates, paper cups and napkins as well as on tattoos, balloons and on the walls !



What kind of theme for my '90s party ?

The '90s is a really popular party theme that you can choose a specific theme from : Beverly Hills, Boybands, Nirvana, Spice Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Britney Spears, Pokemon and loads of others, the list is long ! For the decor, go for typical decor objects from the '90s like the walkman, the Gameboy, VIHS tapes, video games, Pac-man and even Rubik's cubes ! For the colors, you need to go flashy ! Fluorescent tableware, foil garlands, 90 number balloons, metallic suspensions... and more to find in out selection of '90s decor !

How do you dress up for a '90s party ?

Dress like the period ! For the guys : big shirt, large retro light denim jacket, baggy jeans, logo t-shirt, more denim, a bum bag, garish colors and dated haircuts. For the girls, put on a loose denim jacket, skin tight bodysuits, hoop earrings, trainers, badges, bandanas... Be inspired by our '90s idols like darling Britney or the Spice Girls ! With friends, go for group fancy dress as the Spice Girls, legendary !

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