80s Party

Having an 80s party ? We're your man (or woman, accordingly). '80s is our thing ! We love the idea of a demolition party (a nod to the Berlin Wall), the idea of sending invitations by fax, take polaroids by photobooth, get Memphis decor, wear shoulder pads and Malabar tattoos, do a competiton with poppers with Fresquito lollipops in your mouth and rollerskates on your feet !



What costume should I wear for an 80s party ?

This is the list of the best costumes ever ! If after this you go for a Marie-Antoinette party, we quit ! Madonna from the Like a Virgin period, Michael Jackson with his Thriller vibe, E.T, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Lady Di's wedding, leg warmers, rollerskates, Dirty Dancing, the mullet hairdo, Inspector Gadget, Davina, Gremlins, Flashdance, Top Gun... Discover our whole selection of costumes for adults !

What kind of decor for an '80s party ?

Ahhh the '80s, a classic ! For the occasion, get out flashy colors and glitter with balloons, garlands, tableware, confetti and even lanterns. The decor essential, the disco ball to hang from the ceiling for a crazy dancefloor ! Attach 8 and 0 foil number balloons in refernce to your theme, in silver and gold ! Create a fluorescent vibe with lights, balloons and foil curtains. For the acotovites and decor, make a photobooth space to keep crazy souvenirs from the party ! You will find everything you need in our '80s selection, from the decor to fluorescent accessories !

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