Marie Antoinette

Have a Marie Antoinette party and recreate the vibe from the Sofia Coppola film. A soft, elegant and refined party theme. Marie Antoinette, it's also parties, royal court, courtisans, the Sun King, royal balls, libertinism... A festive period full of passion, secrets and things to excess. Go for pastel colours, flowers, lace and feathers. As we don't leave at the Chateau de Versailles, we take inspiration from it with balloons, lamps, lanterns, candles, masks and gold crockery. It sounds good, castle life, doesn't it ?



What kind of decor for a Marie-Antoinette party ?

A Marie-Antoinette is a royal party, a Versailles party where you find the court, the marquises, the courtesans, the countesses... The buffet is as grand as the decor ! Glitter, sequins, feathers, lace, flowers, pastel tones... Discover our selection of balloons, garlands, streamers, table accessories, candles, lanterns and table centerpieces for an elegant period party ! Put on a mask, play hide-and-seek in the dark, light a candle and play cards whilst smoking with a cigarette holder. An intimate vibe which you'll love !

Is a wig obligatory at a Marie-Antoinette party ?

We would be tempted to say yes because what would Marie-Antoinette be without her white baroc hair ! But you could also go for a mask, a hat, or a flower crown if you don't want a crazy frilly wig ! Add a fan and elegant jewellry to your outfit to be as beautiful as Kirsten Dunst ! For the men, it's the same, a marquis wig is great but you could alternatively go for a mask or a period hat. Discover our selection of wigs, masks and hats to finish off your costume !

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