Cowboys and Indians

At an Indians party, there's a tipi for an Indian chief, a shaman, heads of animals (real, fake or foil balloons), dream catchers, cacti and cow boys. Yep, because they can't resist interrupting an Indians party. If they look like Clint, it's not so bad. Plus, if you have long locks and an Indian headdress with eagle feathers, and wear cowboy boots, you're on your way to looking like Tiger Lily !



Is the decor essentials for a Cowboys and Indians party?

The Indians and Cowboys fancy dress party is a big classic ! Ideal for a birthday party, a themed party or a family party ! For the decor, go for a Farwest American vibe with cacti, Cowboy bandana print, hats, buffalo, a lassoo, Indian feathers, gold bullions, straw, a train (iron horse), pistols,a Wanted poster, a totem, your Uncle's old cowboy boots... Disocver our party essentials with a Farwest theme in our special Cowboys and Indians selection ! And of course, light up the dancefloor with some country-style songs like Cotton Eye Joe !

How do you create a Far West photobooth ?

A Far West decor is a decor with the spirit of the desert with cacti, horses, straw, buffalo, a tipi,... Reproduce it with cactus and buffalo foil balloons, a horse pinata, sheriff hats for your head, bandanas around your neck, red lanterns. You could also go more simple and go for a big Wanted poster, a sure hit ! For costumes : cowboy vest and hat, a Sheriff's star, cowboy boots, Indian hair, a feather headband, a fringed dress, pistol or axe... You're going to be a sensation !

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