Got a passion for Johnny Depp ? You like dreadlocks ? You're a bit drunk ?! A pirate party with swords, the sea, ships, palm trees, treasure, barrels, skulls and fillets of fish. Just imagine it ! Tropical decor + ship prints + coconut glasses + ship sails + pirate costume = winning combo !



How do you create Pirate themed decor ?

The pirate theme is an ideal theme for a fancy dress party or Halloween ! On the decor side, there's quite a lot of choice ! Try to create a boat atmosphere with wooden decor, a flag with a skull and crossbones, skulls, a safe, treasure, pieces of eight, anchors, mermaids, some palm trees, coconuts, a parrot, crocodiles... Elements that can be found from our decor objects from our speical pirate selection ! All aboard !

How do you dress as a Pirate ?

Dreaming of being a great pirate like Jack Sparrow for your next fancy dress party ? We undertsand, he's also our idol. For that, you need a white shirt that's a bit torn and dirty, brown trousers, a big belt, boots, a Jack wig with dreadlocks or a pirate's hat, a pistol in your hand, black makeup, and you're done ! You could also add a sword, an eyepatch, a pirate's necklace...

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