Can't decide between Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece ? Between Ancient Rome and Modern Rome ? Between Cleopatra and Dolce Vita ? We get you. Ancient Rome has advantages, eat fruit and drink wine on a chaise longue, dress in togas and style your hair with laurel wreaths, have buffet on terrazzo, light candles to create a bit of light...



How do you create Ancient decor ?

An Ancient party is chic ! Imagine bohemian decor with white cloth, gold tableware, laurel flowers, wood, candles everywhere, fruit (especially grapes), velevt, marble, a chaise longue, red wine in a carafe, greek columns, pottery and why not create some white tents for the buffet ! This theme inspire us, we can already see ourselves on our chaise longue in a Greek goddess outfit eating bunches of grapes with Caesar ! You just have to choose between Athens and Pompei !

An Ancient Greek table ?

Greece speaks to us ! We're already sipping on a cocktail in front of the sunset in Santorini or Athens... If only ! So for your next party or dinner, do an Ancient Greece theme ! A Mediterranean vibe where you mix marine blue, white and gold. Fall for the gold tableware, a white cloth, table markers, vases for flowers, gold confetti, a terrarium, gold champagne flutes... What coukld be more amazing ! Discover our selection of special Ancient decor and whisk away your guests !

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