Ancient Egypt, pharaohs, Cleopatra, Isis and Anubis, everything that you could possibly think of, if not, you're not on the same page. They make you want to have a party full of pyramids, gold crockery, cobras with sapphire eyes, turquoise and gold decor... We get you completely !



Organise an Ancient Egypt party ?

An Ancient Egypt party is a classic of fancy dress parties ! And it's not so hard to organise, we're giving you a few little tips ! To start, rewatch The Mummy for the 5th time, because it goes without saying, there's nothing better to get you feeling the vibe ! Once you have the deocr in your head, the idea is to reproduce the feel of the desert, pyramids, the gold palace, snakes, turquoise... Go for gold, turquoise, white and marine blue decor. Blue balloons, white tablecloth, gold tableware, turquoise table decor, discover our decor essentials amongst our Pharaohs selection !

How do you dress up for an Ancient Egypt party ?

When we think of Ancient Egypt, we think of pharaohs, Egyptian goddesses, mummies, Cleopatra, Horus... Plenty of choice possible ! Even a white sheet with gold and turquoise accessories, a breast plate and a wig will be enough ! And for girls, don't forget the legendary goddess makeup with the sharp thick eyeliner ! They'll all bow down to you...

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