Disco party

Fever night fever night fever ! The saturday night fever has begun (that goes for Friday night too) ! So round up your friends for a crazy sparkly disco party. The essentials for a fun party, more stylish than Saturday night fever ? A 70s disco playlist which takes you back, gogo sequins, flashy colours, disco balls everywhere, glitter, a dancefloor to wiggle your hips where you and your friends can dance better than John Travolta ! For costumes, everything that shines is allowed, let yourself go ! Wigs, sparkly glasses, shiny trousers, the grand era of ABBA in their flares and gogo boots ! Decor, costumes and accessories, discover our selection for a super funky vibe ! Who will be the King or Queen of the dancefloor ?!



How do have successful decor for a disco party ?

A disco party comes down to certain things. Music like ABBA or the Bee Gees. One (or some) disco balls. If you don't want to attach things to the ceiling, you could choose a pinata, disco ball plates or glasses. Another masterpiece is the fringe foil curtain and suspensions. The more there are, the better !

What are the unmissable costume accessories for a disco party ?

At minimum, there's a trio : Farrah Fawcett hair or an afro, shiny and colorful patterns and flares. For a party, you could play with little accessories, like a shiny fringed wig, starry glasses or metallic leggings.

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