Thinking about a Cabaret party takes you back to the good old days... imagine Paris in the Belle Epoque, the redesign of Montmartre, transport yourself to the Moulin Rouge where everyone wears their top hat, three piece suits and tails, spend time in the guinguettes, cross paths with Toulouse-Lautrec or Renoir. It's a jump back in time, so do a fancy dress party ! And for a fancy dress party, you need decorations ! Impossible to hold back on : you need feathers, sequins, sparkles, red tents, red velvet table runners, crystal glasses, silver things. Everything that goes with the theme !



How do you create Moulin Rouge decor at home ?

Go for a red, gold or feathery background ! Dare to put up red and gold rosettes and pompoms, on the walls or the ceiling ! Throw gold confetti absolutely everywhere. Style yourself with a top hat, tie a bow tie and put on a red feather boa for the evening. Spread out red and black feathers on the table, as well as fake gold diamonds. Choose gold or shiny heart shaped tableware and let yourself go in a red satin dress like Satine !

What kind of entertainment can you prepare for a cabaret party ?

Dance 'til the end of the night with disco lights ! So go for a cocktail competiton served in pink glasses. And why not a bit of karaoke ? Wrap yourself up in a feather boa to sing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". And what would a cabaret party be without some betting games ? Get some cards and fake money (so your friends don't break the bank) and set up a poker table.

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