Jungle party

Jungle vibe ? Wild ? Savage ? What's great about a jungle theme is that it's possible to wear a mask or face paint for the whole party or dress up as an animal from head to toe ! So of course, with jungle comes vegetation and ferocious beasts. And it's highly unlikely your friends will arrive dressed up as tropical plants so ferocious animals will be the favorite. With the decor, vegetation is a winner : paper tropical leaves, green balloon walls or ceilings, real or fake plants, a table covered in real or paper foliage, wooden dishes, wooden crockery, coconuts as glasses...



How do you transform your interior in to a tropical jungle ?

Go for everything in tropical leaves. Primarily, made out of paper, but also plastic. Stick them to the wall, hang them from the ceiling, spread them out on the table, use them as place mats. Some snakes scattered here and there and your living room will feel like The Jungle Book. You could also construct a balloon arch and mix in some palm leaves.

And for the table, what decor do you need ?

To decorate your jungle table, feel free to pick a chil's brains to choose jungle animals to scatter over it. A white cloth, banana leaves, tropical tableware, pineapple confetti and some safari animals (monkey, elephant, giraffe, crocodile and the rest) will be perfect for the decor. A crocodile platter will also have a great effect to present your canapés.

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