The Island

Imagine yourself on an abandoned beach, shells and crustaceans... Palm trees, pineapples, tropical flowers, exotic animals but on a desert island where you have to eat insects ! Organise a wild 'The Island with Bear Grylls' party and test the limits of your guests ! 2 teams, challenges, tasting insects, the hunt for Tiki... Who will be the grand survivor of this party ?



How do you organise a Koh Lanta evening ?

For a party, you're not going to organise sporty races in your living room. But you could still make teams and challenge your guests : eating insects, strategies of elimination or even goalpost games, whatever inspires you. And of course for the decor, go for a tropical base. Paper tropical leaves, coconuts, green, green and more green. And don't forget colored bandanas for the teams !

And a weekend of challenges like Koh Lanta ?

You've already been invited to a weekend of sporty team challenges ? Even if the idea of three push-ups already tires you out, it's also an occasion to have fun, right ? To spice up the games a bit, be inspired by Koh Lanta, varying sporty, strategic or even disgusting challenges. Our favorite challenge ? Prosecco pong !

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