Star Wars

Darth Vader, the Jedi, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, R2D2... It's enough just looking at this list to decide on a Star Wars themed party ! Then you need to add a bit of decor (we would definitely reccommend foil balloons), a super costume (we would go for Rey) and other super ideas (the blog has loads) !



Is it possible to do an adult's Star Wars party ?

Of course, and you don't have to only invite purists over for the 4th May ! Geek or not, everyone loves the saga and it's a super theme for a fancy dress party. Plus, with the old and new generation, you're spoilt for choice with the costumes and decor !

How do you create a Star Wars vibe at home ?

For a Star Wars style decor, go for futuristic decor with lots of metallic, black and why not some galactic patterned tableware ? For example, you could attach silver or black foil curtains to the wall and have a Darth Vader pinata hanging from the ceiling. It's the occasion to get out your light sabers and avenge Luke. If you have a projector, we love the idea of having all the episodes one after the other with no sound. And our favorite accessory for a successful Star Wars party decoration ? The giant R2D2 balloon, the mascot of your party !

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