Having a musicals themed party is having a real party, simple as ! For this party theme, you need music, balloons, confetti, popcorn and friends who love to party, play games, sing, dance and dress up ! Attention, there's going to be coordinating outfits...



Which musical should I choose for a fancy dress party ?

I have seen couples here who sing and dance to Singing in the Rain or La La Land, your friend who cries everytime at West Side Story and your friend who's always wanted Belle's dress as yellow as the sun in Beauty and the Beast, or to be Olivia Newton John in Grease, or in Priscilla Queen of the Desert... A fancy dress party themed around musicals is a party that really will have festive vibes ! Especially when you have to sing, and dance ! Discover our selection of musical themes for a crazy party.

What are the decor essentials for a musicals party ?

Organising a special musicals party ? Primarily, go for decor with balloons, garlands, table accessories, tableware, posters, eyecatching decor with scenes from musicals... In face, you need to try and reproduce the decor ! For a Moulin Rouge party, go for cabaret style decor, red and all that, velvet, feathers and sequins ! And for the costumes, take a look at our selection, you'll surely find what you're looking for !

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