Grease is THE musical that we danced to throughout all our teenage years ! Who hasn't dreamed of being able to dance like Olivia Newton-John or John Travolta ? A Grease party is the perfect occasion to put yourself in Sandy and Danny's shoes. So for the decor, go for vibrant coloured balloons, garlands and lights, kraft tableware, popcorn boxes... for an American 50s vibe ! Dance, sing and swing to the beat and hum "You're the one that I want" !



How do you organise a Grease party for a birthday party ?

The Grease party is an excellent '50s party ! For the decor, go all out to give the impression of an American diner with vintage cars, neon fluorescent lights, a dancefloor. Among our decor selection : balloons, garlands, foil curtains, disposable tableware, table decor like miniature cars, kraft boxes, honeycomb balls, toppers... You can also organise a photobooth with your guests, ideal for crazy photo souvenirs ! For the dancefloor, you need to give it everything ! Go for a rock'n'roll playlist with Elvis Presley, the King of the Fifties ! Discover our selection of Grease decor and costumes and organise an incredible fancy dress party !

How do you dress up as Sandy and Danny from Grease ?

Back to the fifties ! Dressing up as Sandy and Danny isn't as complicated as you think ! For the beautiful Sandy, go for skin-tight black leggings, a big leather jacket, a black bardot top, red nails, large hoop earrings, red lipstick without forgetting the curly blonde wig, if you don't already have them ! Danny is the excellent bad boy, in jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket for a rebel biker vibe ! A legendary cinema couple, ideal fancy dress for two people. You'll be a sensation !

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