Guest books and notebooks

Notebooks, for some are just useful for taking notes or making a shopping list, but for others they are an actual addiction. And the team here have succombed to the trend... in the office, we have thousands ! Notebooks for notes, for drawing or for a bullet journal, we have one of each for our obsessions, we have all caught the bug ! So to free our needs, we have selected elegant guest books and notebooks for you to use and enjoy.



Does a guest book at your wedding always work ?

Of course. And guests often love writing their wishes of happiness for the happy couple to read. Whether it's rather classic or quite bohemian, there are guest books for all tastes. A place to add little notes, a puzzle fot the most fun, an urn to add little notes or even a notebook with beautiful paper for the most classic.

And are you for or against a guest book for a Baby Shower ?

For ! 100% ! A Baby Shower guest book is a super idea to leave a little note for the future baby. With original guest books like Rubik's cubes or puzzles, you could also play with it or fix it up in the baby's room. It also acts as a lovely souvenir for the future Mum. You could also use it to leave little pieces of advice to advise the future Mum with little tricks and recipes for the baby.
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