Lots of different types of flamingos for a tropical birthday party

Long legs, a long neck and a colour recognisable among all others - Pink ! There's no doubt about it : it's all about the flamingo. This peculiar animal can make us think of childhood memories thanks to Alice in Wonderland, or can invite us on an adventure to a tropical land...



Decor ideas for a pink flamingo birthday party ?

The pink flamingo is the super trendy animal for birthday parties at the moment (#flamingoparty) ! For the party decor, pink and sparkles, of course ! Balloons, garlands, plates, candles... find the flamingo on all the decor essentials ! Discover our pink flamingo decor selection to transform your interior in to a tropical garden : pink flamingo foil balloon, sparkly pink garland, flamingo table mats, decorative tropical leaves, you'll think you're really there !

For pro decor, we advise you to get the pink flamingo table centerpiece to display your home made cupcakes (or nearly) !

And if you don't already have enough flamingoes in your living room, fall for the pink flamingo ! Success guaranteed for the children !

Limited time and lacking inspo ? Find our pink flamingo kit with all the decor essentials for a very girl bitrthday party on My Little Day !

How do you dress up for a pink flamingo birthday party ?

Do you want more pink or not ? To transform in to an adorable little pink flamingo : a pretty pink or sparkly tutu, a pink cape, flamingo glasses, and plenty of other girl accessories which can be found on My Little Day ! Let's flamingle !

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