Honeycomb party decorations: balls, hearts, ice-creams, diamonds, fruits

Discover honeycomb balls, hearts, diamonds and exotic fruits that are perfect for brightening up your party! These decorative items also look great at children's parties, summery parties, baby showers or weddings.



How do you put up honeycomb balls ?

Honeycomb balls are easy to put up ! Attach them to trees with their string, hang them from the ceiling, spread them on the table or even on the floor ! It's a decoration with plenty of nice possibilities for your party or for your interior decor, because they're not just for parties ! You can make a ceiling of pink and white honeycomb balls and hang them, super decor for a wedding. And why not hang them on your Christmas tree with some traditional garlands ! In shapes and various colors, it's the touch of decor that will make a difference to your interior !

Can you mix honeycomb balls with other decorations ? O

h yes ! Decor is made to have fun with. So take all the nice decorations and mix them (well without creating a fruit salad or a Christmas tree). Honeycomb balls are perfect to mix with garlands (paper, tassel or flag), balloons and rosettes, as long as you follow the party theme. For a wedding, a birthday party, a brunch or a baby shower, honeycomb balls will be unanimous ! Discover more decor ideas for your party on our blog !

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