Accessories, decoration and present ideas for a terrifying Halloween party

Booooo ! It's Halloween, the scariest party that nobody is afraid of. The party that takes place in the dead of night, the night possessed by terrible monsters, the party of screams... screams of joy ! Because Halloween is the night of organised fear, shared fear, a fear that everyone knows will be over by the end of the night. Find more Halloween and monster images on our Pinterest and create your very own Halloween DIY projects in our blog section !



A Halloween birthday party ?

The Halloween period is superb for themed birthday parties. You can do a little monsters, crazy scientist or little witch birthday party, to have fun at or be scary ! For little ones, go for cute monsters and be the tickle monster. For bigger ones, tell ghost stories, and of course, decorate pumpkins. For the decor, get out the spiderwebs, bats that hang from the ceiling and hide slugs in the spider pinata ! Boo !

How do you organise a candy hunt in your area ?

On the blog, we tell you how you can organise a candy hunt easily in your neighborhood, by being really friendly and with a bit of good will ! At shops and nice neighbors' houses, distribute sweets and little gifts, and prepare your treasure hunt. And the most important : dress up the children for the monster parade ! Witches, vampires and bats are on the loose !

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