Accessories, decoration and present ideas for a party in the world of Frozen

Bring blue and white to life with a touch of silver and then add snowflakes, stars, diamonds and glitter - The colours and patterns which tell the story of the Snow Queen, Elsa and her sister Anna ! "Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore !"... Discover inspiring images on our Pinterest by browsing through our Frozen, blue and white sections. To go all out during your Frozen themed birthday party, take a look at our Frozen DIY activities that will liven up any party !



What are the essentials for a Frozen party ?

For a Frozen theme, blue, white and silver are of course the main decor colours ! With a birthday party, you need garlands and balloons everywhere : letters, numbers, printed, there's a real choice at My Little Day ! Go for wintry decor : snowflake foil balloons, snowmen for our adorable Olaf, and stars in all shapes ! The important thing is to recreate a frozen vibe like with a silver snowflake pinata, totally icy !

You can also count on our Frozen kit to take you off to the icy kingdom !

Last and arguably the biggest essential, music from the film... good luck, the whole My Little Day is thinking of you (and your ears) !

What are some ideas to create Frozen decor ?

On our blog we give you some decor and DIY ideas to create your wintry vibe !

To transform your living room in to the icy kingdom, we explain how to easily (and quickly) create snowflakes ! We promise it's not too complicated !

So during the party you can suggest they create some Olaf and Sven cups, something to keep thelm busy and finish off the decor !

And as we don't do things by half, we've even thought of how to make an incredible starry Elsa crown, if that's not magical, what is !

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